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Take a break from the stress of cooking on Easter Sunday. For the first time in our almost 50 year history, Pasqualino's will be open on Easter Sunday for pickup of Party Trays and Take Out. Create a new tradition this Easter with Pasqualino's House-Made Recipes. Open from 11 am to 5 pm.

Sit Back and Relax!

Available for Pickup, Pasqualino's Party Trays are a Perfect Way to Feed Your Family or Large Gathering.

The Simple Pleasures Our Traditional Family Recipes for All Occasions.


Our recipes are handmade in our own kitchen and require extra time in preparation. Although we prefer at least 24 hours notice for our Party Trays, some selections, depending on quantity, can be ready with as little as a few hours notice. To ensure the availability of all of your selections, we recommend placing orders no later than 2:00 PM the day before your event.


Order Party Trays Online

Skip the Chat! Phone wait times at our busy restaurant are unpredictable, especially at peak lunch and dinner times.

Quick, easy and accurate. Order any time of the day.

Place your order as close as possible to serving time.

Ordering food hours before your event will seriously compromise the quality of food..


Stuffed Shells - $21.95 per Dozen / $11.95 per Half-Dozen

Jumbo Pasta Shells, Hand-Stuffed with Our Classic Blend of Three Cheeses: A Fragrant but Delicate Hand-Grated Parmigiano,

 a Perfectly Aged Provolone, and a Moisture Rich Ricotta. Oven-Baked in Our Own Tomato Sauce.

Available Hot and Ready to Serve, or Fully Cooked and Chilled for Reheating.


Spinach Stuffed Shells - $21.95 per Dozen / $11.95 per Half-Dozen

Our Hand-Stuffed Cheese Shells Blended with Spinach, Oven-Baked in Our Own Tomato Sauce.

Available Hot and Ready to Serve, or Fully Cooked and Chilled for Reheating.


Rigatoni or Penne - $11.25 per Pound (Weight of Pasta before Cooking)

The Finest Imported Italian Pasta in Our Own Tomato Sauce.

(Depending on Appetites, as a Main Dish 1lb. Feeds 4-8, as a Side 8-12)

Cheese Ravioli - $21.95 per 18 Ravioli

18 Delicate Ravioli "Pillow" Served in Our Own Tomato Sauce.


Meatballs - $1.95 each

Over 90% Lean Beef Cuts. Hand-Rolled.

Available Hot and Ready to Serve, or Fully Cooked and Chilled for Reheating.


Hot Italian Sausage $2.50 each Piece (Minimum Order of 12 Pieces)

Hot Italian Pork Sausage Bursting with Flavor and Just the Right Amount of Heat.

Served in Our Own Tomato Sauce with Green Bell Peppers and Onions.


Sweet Italian Sausage - $2.75 each Piece (Minimum Order of 12 Pieces)

The Milder Side of Italian Flavor. Italian Pork Sausage Without the Heat.

Blended with a Hint of Nutrient-Rich Dandelion Greens. Oven-Roasted in Olive Oil with Red Peppers and Red Onions.


Asiago Crusted Chicken Breast - $4.25 per Piece  (Minimum Order of 12 Pieces)

All Natural, Locally Sourced, Oven-Roasted, Boneless, Skinless, Chicken Breast

Crusted with Our Own Blend of Asiago Cheese, Italian Seasonings, and Panko.


Chicken Parmigiana - $4.,25 per Piece (Minimum Order of 6 Pieces)

All Natural, Locally Sourced, Boneless, Skinless, Chicken Breast Lightly Breaded with Our Own Recipe Breading and Seasonings. Oven-Roasted and Topped with Provolone, Parmigiano Cheeses, and Our Own Tomato Sauce.


Pepperoni Roll Platter (Available Soon)

We are busy tweaking the recipe. Check back with us soon.


Fresh-Baked Dinner Rolls - $5.95 per Dozen

Our Own Recipe.


Garden Salad - $1.50 per Person (10 Person Minimum)

Freshly Chopped Iceberg and Leaf Lettuces with Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Broccoli, Radishes, and Green Olives.

With a Side of Italian and Ranch Dressings.

Tiramisu by the Dozen - $39.95

Italy's Most Famous Dessert. Layers of Mascarpone Cream, Ladyfingers Delicately Soaked in Espresso,

and Finished with a Dusting of Cocoa Powder.

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