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About Pasqualino's

Pasqualino's Italian Restaurant was founded in 1971 by the Pasqualino family as Pizza Palace (for a more detailed history, please read "Take the Gun. Leave the Cannoli." on the Attenzione! Page). We started in a tiny storeroom around the corner from our current location, where we moved to in 1986. Though still affectionately referred to as Pizza Palace by many of our customers, the name change reflects the pride we have in the evolution of our menu to include many of our traditional Southern Italian family dishes perfected in our family kitchen over many decades and generations.


Our commitment to healthy, ingredient sourcing is rooted in our family's  farming heritage in Southern Italy, where growing and cooking clean, simple foods was a way of life. Using the finest and freshest all-natural ingredients, we begin our day before dawn, seven days a week to hand-make almost everything on our menu. Whatever we don't make ourselves is made for us using our recipes, or is chosen with the same attention to detail we have proudly used for over forty years. Our pastas are either handmade or imported from Italy.  Our butcher is a second generation, family-owned business, USDA inspected, who pride themselves on the quality of their beef sold to the finest restaurants in the city. The Spring Mix Lettuces for our salads are grown locally,

year-round in Fifth Season's state-of the-art, all-natural indoor farm. Our olive oil is sourced from a family-owned California oilery that exceeds the quality of olive oil shipped from Italy to the United States. Rated as the best olive oil in the world, Corto Olive Oil has redefined the olive oil business in the world. Our chicken is all natural, antibiotic free, steroid free, cage free, all vegetarian diet locally sourced from small, family farms. Our passion for serving "clean" food includes serving locally-roasted, fair trade organic coffee.


The decor of Pasqualino's is inviting, reminiscent of the Italian home kitchen, where meals for family and guests are not only prepared, but also served. Pasqualino's maintains a mutually respectful working relationship with the Allegheny County Health Department to operate one of the cleanest restaurants in Pennsylvania. We are proud of our attention to detail in cleanliness and food safety.


Experience Pasqualino's fresh, house-made difference. We invite your family to join ours, to dine in our restaurant or for take away orders to your home or office. Let Pasqualino's do the cooking for your next event - Catering and Party Trays are available.

Francesco Pasqualino

My Father,

Guiseppe Augustino Pasqualino, Founder

1921 to 2007


My Uncle,

Francesco Pasqualino, Partner

Grinding Cheese by Hand in 1971

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